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April 19, 2019 the health of our military members is not "too expensive"
April 16, 2019One Trillion Dollars
April 8, 2019They don't care
April 2, 2019Dollars and Sense
March 30, 2019we're not clowning around
March 27, 2019What would their priorities be?
March 26, 2019hot take: Republicans
March 22, 2019Sign the Petition: Release the Mueller Report!
March 19, 2019we're fed up and fighting back
March 15, 2019☠️ Dirty ☠️
March 12, 2019Signature needed: support the Green New Deal
March 7, 2019an opportunity to put a check on Trump's gift to corporations
Feb. 27, 2019a stark departure from Republican rules
Feb. 25, 2019Doing the RIGHT thing from the left wing.
Feb. 24, 2019urgent reforms in Congress
Feb. 20, 2019health care system that prioritizes people
Feb. 18, 2019some quick pro tips
Feb. 15, 2019non compos mentis
Feb. 14, 20191,200 ÷ 365
Feb. 8, 2019Let's do it.
Feb. 6, 2019yikes
Feb. 4, 2019Legal discrimination
Feb. 2, 2019Changes to my campaign
Jan. 30, 2019an opportunity to save lives
Jan. 23, 2019It's been two years
Jan. 11, 2019Failed businessman. Failed President.
Jan. 10, 2019Long Overdue
Dec. 28, 2018The resources to end it
Dec. 23, 2018good try, bud
Dec. 19, 2018We'll do something.
Dec. 13, 2018Doing things differently
Dec. 6, 2018Let's see those tax returns, Mr. Trump
Nov. 19, 2018Taking steps to end hunger
Nov. 18, 2018Dad's birthday
Nov. 16, 2018Now let's take back another House: the White House.
Nov. 13, 2018Monte's March
Nov. 9, 2018Sign the petition to protect transgender Americans
Nov. 8, 2018A Congress that works for the people
Nov. 1, 2018What's the plan?
Nov. 1, 2018October is Domestic Violence Awareness month
Oct. 31, 2018Spookier than a toddler full of Halloween candy after bedtime
Oct. 30, 2018Cross it off your to-do list
Oct. 26, 2018this endorsement choked me up
Oct. 19, 2018Reversing global warming starts here. Sign the petition.
Oct. 16, 2018People should not go hungry - but they do
Oct. 14, 2018Team work gets the job done
Oct. 12, 2018Decency is on the ballot
Oct. 11, 2018Tax dodger's tax plan
Sept. 30, 2018Proud to be progressive
Sept. 28, 2018For the first time since 2010

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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