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March 29, 2021Whatever comes next
March 26, 2021Cutting child hunger in half.
March 26, 2021An upward trend
March 12, 2021Why I'm pumped right now:
Feb. 23, 2021My urgent message to President Biden:
Feb. 18, 2021A $15 minimum wage is just the start.
Feb. 13, 2021It's all around us. We can't ignore it.
Feb. 6, 2021She demanded Democrats be executed. They cheered.
Feb. 3, 2021What's next for our progressive agenda
Jan. 25, 2021We can only shape the future
Jan. 13, 2021What will the history books say next?
Dec. 30, 2020Trump lost. People like him remain.
Dec. 17, 2020These final two races need our focus:
Dec. 15, 2020Hunger doesn't take a holiday
Nov. 23, 2020A few words from chef José Andrés:
Nov. 12, 2020Monte's March is back!
Nov. 4, 2020quick update
Nov. 3, 2020today, we finish this.
Nov. 2, 2020Ballot Boxes + Polling Locations near you
Oct. 31, 2020🎃 No tricks, all treats.
Oct. 30, 2020QAnon for Congress?
Oct. 29, 2020America is an idea.
Oct. 28, 2020Just 6 days to go. Can you donate $6?
Oct. 27, 2020Texas is winnable
Oct. 22, 2020un-American
Oct. 20, 2020Had enough yet?
Oct. 20, 2020Seniors
Oct. 16, 2020I want to talk to you about World Food Day
Oct. 13, 2020Mind the gap?
Oct. 6, 2020Outrageous.
Oct. 3, 2020🐻‍❄️Protecting the Arctic from the Trump Administration
Oct. 2, 2020quick signature?
Sept. 25, 2020Unwavering
Sept. 22, 2020here's the pledge:
Sept. 21, 2020a colossal loss
Sept. 17, 2020We have plenty of food. What we lack is political will.
Sept. 13, 2020Donald Trump doesn't want democracy to work like this:
Sept. 10, 2020Righting generational wrongs
Sept. 4, 2020Q & A
Sept. 1, 2020Have you voted yet?
Aug. 30, 2020🖊️ Sign the petition for a pandemic prevention plan
Aug. 26, 2020Today's a deadline
Aug. 24, 2020😷 Masks on 😷
Aug. 17, 2020an idea to run by you
Aug. 13, 2020I dissent.
Aug. 11, 2020Update on Reopening Schools
Aug. 7, 2020Oh good, more super-villains
Aug. 6, 2020🎮 Game on? 🕹️
Aug. 4, 2020Once is an accident, twice is...
July 30, 2020A great embarrassment to the USA

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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