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Aug. 14, 2018Sign the petition: End the trade war!
Aug. 14, 2018History repeating itself
July 29, 2018kids deserve love, not hate
July 28, 2018Our new office in Worcester
July 26, 2018double negative
July 12, 2018Attacks on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
July 9, 2018Trump's Supreme Court pick
July 9, 2018Reunite families broken apart at the border
July 3, 2018We must stop punishing the poor for being poor
June 30, 2018by midnight
June 29, 2018rubber-stamping hatred and bigotry
June 28, 2018It's time to abolish ICE
June 25, 2018Democrats for the win in November
June 18, 2018Demand Congress help Puerto Rico rebuild
June 15, 2018Right to choose under attack (again)
June 6, 2018Children at the border
May 31, 2018Fighting Hunger
May 30, 2018Insecticides are killing off bees
May 25, 2018Securing our next election
May 25, 2018Securing our next election
May 16, 2018Sign the petition: protect our family farms
May 5, 2018Petition: don't rig the 2020 census
April 24, 2018Donald Trump lied
April 19, 2018Special reception honoring Congressman John Lewis
April 11, 2018Just the beginning
March 26, 2018We're taking on the NRA together
March 22, 2018Sign the petition: don't cut clean energy funding
March 20, 2018Let's make some enemies at the NRA
March 15, 2018The water won't wash us away
March 13, 2018The dam has burst. Here comes the flood
March 7, 2018Tell Republicans to reject NRA money
Feb. 27, 2018I'm guilty as charged
Feb. 15, 2018Cue the evil laugh
Feb. 6, 2018Donald Trump accused me of treason
Jan. 26, 2018Sign the petition: no more offshore oil drilling
Jan. 24, 2018Forward against backward.
Jan. 18, 2018Urgent petition to save Medicare.
Jan. 15, 2018Sign the Petition: Fund Children's Health Care
Jan. 7, 2018People got sick. Sometimes they died.
Dec. 18, 2017Sign the petition: tell Congress to pass a new Dream Act
Dec. 15, 2017Sign the petition: NO tax votes until Doug Jones is seated
Dec. 12, 2017Tell Congress: grow a spine. Stand up to the NRA. [petition]
Dec. 8, 2017Sign the petition: save net neutrality!
Nov. 29, 2017Donald Trump's EPA is about to do WHAT?
Nov. 21, 2017The cherry on top of a vile special interest sundae
Nov. 14, 2017Please share my video and support The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts!
Nov. 9, 2017Please join me in supporting the Food Bank of Western MA
Nov. 5, 2017A lifeline for Massachusetts seniors
Oct. 30, 2017Tell Donald Trump and Congress: Stop rolling back women's rights!
Oct. 26, 2017Today, let's focus on the good news

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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