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Feb. 16, 2024We remember
Feb. 12, 2024With friends like these...
Jan. 30, 2024Rules for thee, not for me
Jan. 24, 2024Two questions
Jan. 22, 2024The unthinkable happened
Jan. 21, 2024Have you heard a corporation speak?
Jan. 18, 2024Another day at the circus
Jan. 17, 2024“But this time, it’ll be different”
Jan. 12, 2024Final Hours: sign the petition
Jan. 11, 2024His statements would make an authoritarian blush
Jan. 10, 2024The upcoming session
Jan. 5, 2024Most reasonable people would agree...
Jan. 2, 2024This isn't just a calculated attack
Dec. 27, 2023Let’s play “Donald Trump says”
Dec. 18, 2023How do I say this…
Dec. 15, 2023Millions of Americans are relying on us
Dec. 13, 2023This week's hearing and why Trump’s on our minds entering 2024
Dec. 9, 2023We don’t need someone else to tell us to do the right thing, do we?
Nov. 22, 2023At the end of 43 miles.
Nov. 20, 2023No one should go to sleep hungry at night.
Nov. 17, 2023TV Pitch: The Real Congresspersons of the GOP
Nov. 14, 2023The 43 mile walk from Springfield to Greenfield
Nov. 13, 2023Sign our petition: Get Medical Debt Off Credit Scores!
Oct. 25, 2023Same menu, different waiter
Oct. 23, 2023It’s time to end this standstill.
Oct. 17, 2023Jim Jordan is a Threat to our Democracy.
Oct. 16, 2023My ask on World Food Day
Oct. 6, 2023Don’t settle for this dysfunction.
Oct. 5, 2023The GOP's War on Reading
Sept. 27, 2023One promise I know McCarthy will keep.
Sept. 25, 2023The clowns are running the circus
Sept. 19, 2023The power of your vote!
Sept. 12, 2023Clarence Thomas must resign! [Petition]
Sept. 4, 2023Workers are the backbone of America. They deserve our support.
Aug. 25, 2023An America that cares for everyone is not just a dream
Aug. 9, 2023It’s time to invest in the future of food
Aug. 2, 2023This will change lives
July 27, 2023It’s a marathon, not a sprint
July 26, 2023Capping insulin for all Americans [Petition]
July 24, 2023McCarthy created a monster.
July 23, 2023This is what a climate emergency looks like
July 18, 2023An absolute affront to our democracy
July 12, 2023There’s no “entitlement” involved
July 7, 2023Billionaire corporations aren’t people – let’s get them out of our elections! [Petition]
July 1, 2023College should not be a debt sentence
June 29, 2023Enough empty Republican “thoughts and prayers”
June 28, 2023We’ve seen how the MAGA cult operates
June 27, 2023The real problem, according to Republicans: Free school lunches 🙄
June 24, 2023Republicans aren’t satisfied with state abortion bans.
June 20, 2023A more inclusive, loving, and accepting community for all

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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