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TV Pitch: The Real Congresspersons of the GOP

We need to discuss two wild and immature things that happened in Congress this week.

Example one, the Senate: Oklahoma's Markwayne Mullin got up in a committee hearing, adjusted a ring on his hand, and offered to fight a witness, there and then. He backed down, but is still bragging and raising money over his petty intimidation.

Example two, the House: fired former Speaker Kevin McCarthy elbowed a Republican member who voted to oust him after a House GOP meeting.

Source: ABC News

This is the Republican promise to America: elect them for extremism, chaos, and petty squabbling. And maybe even a few fistfights on the playground after school in committee meetings.

(And it's why, right now, I'm asking you to chip in to our efforts to take back the House next November)

And look, their bad behavior amongst themselves is problem enough, sure. And frankly, the unabashed Bravo TV network style approach is just another instance of them saying the quiet parts aloud. But between their behavior and their policies — we cannot allow this to stand.

These are the same folks working tirelessly to criminalize abortion, gut Social Security and Medicare, and offer excuses (and even praise) for the January 6 insurrection and Donald Trump's alleged crimes.

A country can't function like this. Republicans inability to lead, plus their chaos and extremism, is jeopardizing the health and safety of the American people in every sense imaginable.

Please chip in $17 right now. The 2024 election is a critical organizing opportunity, and Team McGovern is going to work hard to bring together progressives across Massachusetts and America to make the key difference in what comes next.

Thanks for everything you do. We need to win this one, team.

Team McGovern

Posted on November 17, 2023.

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