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Republicans banned a book about Rosa Parks – so I read it on the House floor.

Republican policymakers don't know much about books. That's clear.

How do I know? Because no story that begins "First, we banned a bunch of books and censored school curriculum" has a happy ending.

But here we are. This week, under the guise of "parental rights," Republicans in Congress introduced legislation to allow right-wing extremists to ban books and demand party-approved curriculum in our public schools.

This isn't just unnecessary; it's dangerous. We must fight back. Can you join the fight against authoritarianism with a donation before the end of March?

That's why I stood on the House floor with a precariously high stack of banned books and read aloud some "controversial" passages — including facts about the life of civil rights activist Rosa Parks.

And when I asked Republicans to share what was so controversial, not one could provide an answer.

They wanted to ban books, and either didn't know why or worse, didn't want to admit why.

But the reasons for this blatant censorship are pretty obvious to the rest of us: bigotry, white supremacy, and a desire to maintain power at any cost.

Just look at some of the books Republican leaders have banned from schools ⬇️

stack of books Republicans have banned including: The Gift of Ramadan, Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story, The Life of Rosa Parks, and All Boys Aren't Blue

These aren't even a tenth of the books they've banned this year alone. You and I both know they won't be satisfied with just banning books and curriculum

We must fight back against this trojan horse of "parental rights." We must stop this dangerous movement in its tracks and call it exactly what it is: fascism.

This fight will not be won alone. Republicans are organizing, and we must be prepared. Will you chip in before our end-of-quarter deadline and help me stay strong in this seat?

Together we can win this fight for our and our children's first amendment rights and our democracy.


Posted on March 27, 2023.

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