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Libraries under attack: the GOP war on knowledge and diversity

Right-wing Republican extremists are out banning books in their states like it's Fahrenheit 451.

I don't know if anyone told them, but the "firemen" who burn books are the villains.

For crying out loud, we don't celebrate the burning of the library of Alexandria as some great protection for the people. We mourn it as a great loss of information and ideas.

Throughout history, powerful tyrants have attempted to limit access to the written word. These are not new fights, but they are new again.

Libraries democratize information. Books share ideas. Stories create empathy.

Republicans think that's dangerous for our youth.

Most of the bans involve books with LGBTQ+ and non-white characters – it's not hard to see what's going on.

This brand of white supremacy has become the trademark of the GOP.

There are many ways for a democracy to crumble. Some, like the January 6 insurrection attempt, are obvious. Others, like book bans, are more subtle. But they are just as dangerous.

We must fight against the fascism invading our schools and libraries. Together we can create a more powerful movement than anything these extremists throw at us.

Let's get back to work!


Posted on March 3, 2023.

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