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Petition: Tell Congress to push back on attempts to ban Black history in our schools.

Black history is American history. Period.

Yet some states are trying to ban teachers from even talking about it in our public schools.

You read that right.

States are attempting to ban teachers from teaching about Black history.

Congress can and should do more to combat this blatant racism. Sign the petition and tell Congress to push back against attempts to ban Black history.

Black culture and history are embedded in the fabric of our nation. To short-change students of Black history is to short-change them of the knowledge and the truth about our nation's history.

Congress must renew our efforts to support teachers and students in teaching and learning Black history and the truth about institutional racism. If we never learn about racism, we cannot fight it.

Sign the petition today and tell Congress to push back against attempts to ban Black history.


Black history is stories of community resilience, joy, and terrible oppression. Many Republican leaders would like to forget or ignore the horrific failures in our past. But because I love this country, I believe it's imperative that we tell the whole truth about our nation, including our country's long history of racism, oppression, and slavery.

We are obligated to right the wrongs of the past and do what is right and decent. That starts with teaching the true history of our nation.


Posted on February 13, 2023.

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Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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