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The authoritarian nationalist cult

You'd think after two years, we'd be done hearing about Donald Trump.

But the authoritarian nationalist cult of Trumpism is alive and well in our nation.

This month, after the FBI, retrieved Trump's stolen stash of classified material, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others went out of their way to remind us that they'll side with Trump over the American people, no matter what laws he breaks or lies he tells.

The upcoming election is critical. If these MAGA Republicans take the Congressional majority, they'll continue Trump's authoritarian nationalist legacy.

Can you chip in before our end-of-month deadline to defend and expand our progressive majority?

As a result of Greene's "Defund the FBI" crap, the Bureau, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice have seen a dramatic increase in threats against law enforcement.

MAGA Republicans see their tantrums as political theater, but their lies have consequences.

Many in this country genuinely believe the Big Lie about a free and fair election. Hundreds of them have already attacked our nation's Capitol.

That should have been enough, but we still have MAGA mouthpieces at every level of government, spreading Trump's fascist messages to the American people.

The stakes get higher every day.

This recent MAGA Republican response to the FBI raid should serve as a stern reminder that Republicans are loyal only to Trump and to the most dangerous right-wing extremists.

We can't give them the chance to make decisions about abortion, marriage equality, climate change, health care, and schools.

Americans deserve leaders with principles willing to speak truth to power, even within their own party. Not Trump-obsessed nutjobs.

We all need to pull together and work for a strong progressive majority who will serve the American people. Donate $9 before our end-of-August deadline to fuel the fight.

MAGA Republicans are out of control, and it's up to us to stop them.


Posted on August 26, 2022.

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