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A commitment for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I hope you'll join me in taking a moment to appreciate how truly magnificent our planet is – beautiful and complex and awe-inspiring.

But we can't stop with reflection. Earth Day must also be a day of action, a day of commitment.

Because we need to repeat it as long as necessary, as loudly as we can: climate change is real, and we aren't doing enough to address it.

The impacts are going to be increasingly felt the longer we drag our feet, but you already knew that. We've been down this road before.

So please also join me today in committing to make the 2022 election focus on climate change, the environment, and the future of humanity.

There are climate champions up and down the ballot in every state. And in 2022, we have to do everything in our power to make sure they're elected.

Like many of those folks, I'm proud to have been endorsed by the Sierra Club, both for this election and throughout my career. And I will keep insisting we focus on policies that protect clean air, clean water, and of course the fantastic open spaces we love across Massachusetts and America.

Because, while it's all very much in danger, the biggest asset we have is our commitment, our truth, and our voices. Let's use them.


Posted on April 22, 2022.

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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