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She demanded Democrats be executed. They cheered.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit for service.

She called historic tragedies like the Parkland school shooting and the September 11 attacks hoaxes. She’s not only endorsed the outrageous (and, frankly, asinine) QAnon theory, but actively promoted it.

She even called for Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be executed.

So, that’s why this email is an open note to House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Leader McCarthy:

You and I don’t see eye-to-eye all that often these days. But I can hope that, as public servants, we’d agree that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s conduct goes far beyond “unacceptable” and well into “dangerous.”

And yet, news reports tell that House Republicans gave Ms. Taylor Greene a standing ovation in your caucus meeting.

Maybe that’s why she refuses to apologize, or even take responsibility, for the harm she’s caused. Yesterday, she told the House that she “was allowed to believe things that aren’t true.”

That’s another lie. No one “allowed” Marjorie Taylor Greene to believe that our government is being overrun by satanic cannibalistic pedophiles. She chose to believe that – just as she chose to spread that lie to others.

But yesterday, only ten Republican members could muster up the courage to say that she doesn’t belong on the Education committee.

It’s time for Republicans in the House to do what they should have done long ago: join with Democrats to condemn Marjorie Taylor Green’s actions, expel her from Congress, and work to make amends with the American people.

And that’s on you, Leader McCarthy.

Put simply: an inability to face down members of your caucus who advocate violence, celebrate ignorance, and refuse to own their actions is cowardice.

Democrats are going to win this seat in 2022. But we can’t wait that long to take action against Ms. Taylor Greene.

Democrats have stripped her of her committees, true enough, but it’s impossible to move forward as a country if Republicans continue to endorse, embrace, and elect conspiracy theorists who are out for violence.


Posted on February 6, 2021.

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