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QAnon for Congress?

My opponent didn't like that I called her out during our debate last week for promoting QAnon. But she still refuses to denounce this violent ideology that has been labeled a domestic terror threat by Donald Trump's own FBI. As hard it is to wrap my head around the idea that people believe this garbage, what's even more concerning is that some of those people are candidates for federal elected office.

So let's set the record straight: QAnon is a delusional conspiracy theory from the darkest fringes of the internet. QAnon believers hijacked the horrific and very real crime of child sex trafficking and twisted it into a fake conspiracy theory to help Donald Trump. They allege that satan-worshiping pedophiles are secretly plotting against Donald Trump... and that Donald Trump is the one saving the world. The irony is totally lost on them.

A coalition of over 100 nonpartisan organizations dedicated to fighting human trafficking just released an open letter to candidates saying that anybody "who lends any credibility to QAnon conspiracies related to human trafficking "actively harms the fight against human trafficking" and that candidates who do not expressly condemn QAnon and actively debunk the lies "should be held accountable."

Don't tell my opponent, though. She refuses to condemn QAnon on her social media. Yet she tries to call herself a "moderate Republican"? Yeah, I don't think so either.

Decency is on the ballot in just a few days. Will you help me send a strong message that dangerous conspiracy theories have no place here by chipping in ahead of our LAST end-of-month fundraising deadline before Election Day?

Your contribution will help us get-out-the-vote this weekend.

We're almost there.


Posted on October 30, 2020.

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