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Look, I don't think anyone had real hope that his experience with COVID-19 would render compassion policy-wise because he's so insulated from how the average American would experience the illness (last I checked we aren't all getting airlifted from our lawns and provided access to the latest treatment options).

But, I certainly hoped he'd read the room and ensure his citizens had the COVID-19 stimulus resources they desperately need. Yet, here we are: Donald Trump, who wrote "The Art of the Deal" – can't make a deal because he won't take yes for an answer.

We sent him legislation that included compromise, after compromise, after compromise, and how's he responding? By sticking it to the American people by walking away from the table.

Unbelievable, even by his standards. We've got to vote this guy out. Please take a moment today to check your voter registration and if you can, help bolster our get-out-the-vote efforts with a contribution.

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Posted on October 6, 2020.

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Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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