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Add your name in support of frontline health care workers

The response to the coronavirus pandemic is complex and requires coordinated support for our essential workers – especially those in health care who have increased exposure. I've decided to cosponsor a petition in support of emergency child care, paid sick leave, and access to personal protective equipment for health care workers – I hope you'll add your name.

Support health care workers. Sign the petition.

At the most basic level, we need to ensure every health care worker has access to personal protective equipment (PPE). N95 respirator masks and face shields are critical to keeping the virus from infecting those caring for patients. Right now, we're still experiencing a nationwide shortage of PPE. **Sign the petition to support health care workers

Everyone deserves paid sick leave because no one can do their jobs safely unless they're healthy. The already significant public health risks associated with a lack of paid sick leave are multiplied during a pandemic. Many health care workers still don't have paid sick leave, and cannot afford to lose pay when they need to stay home to recover. Sign the petition for paid sick leave for all health care workers.

Parents working in medical facilities shouldn't be scrambling for emergency child care. But with schools and child care centers closed and extended families socially distancing, health care workers are left without reliable child care during one of the most intense moments in their careers. Sign the petition for emergency child care for health care workers.

Earlier this week, I shared Senator Elizabeth Warren's Essential Worker Bill of Rights with you. It is our turn to support those on the frontlines by demanding robust access to PPE, reliable and high-quality child care, and paid sick leave.

I've cosponsored this petition in the same spirit, and I hope you'll stand with my team and health care workers nationwide by adding your name.


Posted on April 29, 2020.

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