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Yesterday, we made history. Today, the GOP attacked me for it.

Yesterday, our movement hit a milestone. The House Rules Committee held the first hearing on Medicare for All in our nation's history. This is long past due.

Every day, people in our country go bankrupt and even lose their lives because the cost of high quality, necessary health care is so outrageously expensive.

Last November, Americans made it clear that health care is their number one priority. They voted for a Congress ready to do what it takes to make sure all people have access to quality, affordable health care.

And yesterday, we stepped up the fight.

Today, Republicans started attacking me – for holding a public discussion on how to make sure all Americans can get the care they need.

I'm not sure what bothered them more: the idea that we're working to get people access to health care, or that we're willing to discuss it out in the open rather than ram it through without any debate. (I'm guessing it's both.)

Regardless, as the committee chair, I was proud to hold this hearing. Because the lives of millions of Americans are not something I will gamble with.

It's time for a health care system that prioritizes health care and saves lives – not the profit margins of corporate giants.


P.S. I'm running a grassroots campaign free of corporate PAC contributions. Help me stand strong against corporate PACs and big-money interests by chipping in now.

Posted on May 1, 2019.

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