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October is Domestic Violence Awareness month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. I wanted to reach out to let you know what we're doing to fight domestic and sexual violence, and to share some resources that offer support for anyone facing these kinds of abuse (please see a list of resources below the email).

Right now, our country is in the midst of a painful – and long overdue – reckoning with sexual violence, which often overlaps with domestic abuse.

  • The #MeToo movement has elevated the conversation and begun to create some increased accountability for abusers. At the same time, we know that there is an epidemic of abuse – and we're dealing with a president and an administration that is turning its back on survivors in many different ways.
  • President Trump himself bragged about committing sexual assault and has been accused of harassment and assault by many women.
  • We just witnessed the shameful spectacle of President Trump and the GOP elevating an alleged abuser to the Supreme Court – and actively working to undermine survivors and suppress their stories.

Right now, I'm working to pass a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which could expire soon if Congress doesn't act.

  • This bill should be uncontroversial, but unfortunately, not a single Republican has joined us in sponsoring it so far.
  • My Democratic colleagues and I are working to reverse this administration's decision that ended asylum for people coming to our country to escape domestic, gang, and gender-based violence.
  • I'm working to end the "boyfriend loophole" – a dangerous hole in our gun laws that allows domestic abusers and stalkers to obtain guns.

I'm going to continue fighting for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse – this month and every month of every year.

Below are some links to Massachusetts resources – crisis hotlines, local support organizations, legal aid, and other forms of help – that you can turn to if you or someone you know is dealing with domestic or sexual violence. You're also welcome to contact my office if you need help finding the right support.


Massachusetts resources for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse:

Posted on November 1, 2018.

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