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Donald Trump lied

All of the Republicans running against me have one big thing in common: not one of them is going to stand up to the NRA, the Koch brothers, or Donald Trump like I will.

Stand with a me with a donation. It's time to take back our country.

What Donald Trump and his enablers are doing to our country and its people is not normal. Republicans in Washington, D.C., are complicit and have shown their contempt for both the rule of law and common decency.

The people are wise to the scam. And that's why special interests are gearing up to try to buy this year's election and maintain their control over Congress.

Stand with a me with a donation so we can clean up our political system and regain our voice in our democracy.

Donald Trump lied when he said he wanted to drain the swamp. From massive tax giveaways to the ultra-wealthy to the lack of action, to plans to drill for oil off of America's coasts, to inaction on ending gun violence, a grassroots revolution has never been more necessary.

We may not have their cash flow, but we have the people.

Donate to my campaign. Let's show the Republicans we mean business.

We have to take back Congress if we're going to take on big special interests and get the money out of politics.

Jim McGovern

Posted on April 24, 2018.

Meet Jim

Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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