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The white supremacists in Trump's White House

The hatred and bigotry that we saw in Charlottesville is sickening — neo-Nazis and white supremacists marching with torches, shouting slurs, and attacking counter-protestors.

But then Trump doubled down on his support for the bigots, calling them "very fine people,” instead of eulogizing the woman who died after she was attacked with a car.

Just when you think that this President can't shock us any more, he does.

It's time for Congress to act.

Democrats and Republicans must speak with one voice -- and make it clear that this behavior is unacceptable. And we must insist that he kick out ALL the white supremacists and alt-right leaders in his administration.


Posted on August 18, 2017.

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Jim McGovern represents the 2nd District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace.

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