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Tell Congress: Defend the CFPB!

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Elizabeth Warren led the fight for our working families.

Thanks to her tireless efforts, we created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to defend seniors, student loan borrowers, and homeowners from risky Wall Street investments. The CFPB is a critical agency for millions of people vulnerable to greedy financial institutions who don’t play by the rules.

But Donald Trump and his Republican enablers are plotting to roll back these reforms and undermine the CFPB (if they don’t eliminate it entirely). We can’t let that happen: Tell Congress to protect the American public by supporting and defending the CFPB!

The CFPB is able to fight for everyday Americans because it’s an independent agency. The President can't change the agency's decisions – no wonder the GOP would rather shut it down! We must do everything we can to defend the CFPB and the protections it provides to all Americans.

With your support, we can protect Elizabeth Warren’s landmark achievement and create an economy that works for all people – not just the wealthiest among us. Your voice is critical: Add your name right now to tell Congress to support and defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

Posted on May 12, 2017.

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