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Sign the petition: Tell Congress to Impeach Clarence Thomas Now!

Supreme Court Justices take an oath to perform their duties impartially. They have an obligation to recuse themselves if a conflict of interest exists within a case. That doesn't matter to Justice Clarence Thomas, who seems to think his job is to protect his inner circle when they break the law.

As we watch the January 6 hearings unfold, we cannot forget that Justice Thomas is at the center of the investigation. He was the only Supreme Court Justice to vote against compelling the release of Donald Trump's records regarding the January 6 insurrection.

So, why did Justice Thomas vote against the release of evidence into the deadly attack on our nation's Capitol?

Well, here's what we know: his wife, Ginni Thomas, an unquestioning Donald Trump devotee, helped plan the bloody January 6 attempted coup.

Reminder: this isn't speculation— the American public has seen a raft of damning text messages to Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Sign the petition and tell Congress: Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas Now!

His wife's plot to overturn the election undermines our democracy, yet he's exploiting his position to cover for her.

The legitimacy of the Supreme Court depends on its justices respecting this nation's laws and its people. And Justice Thomas's claim that he could fairly rule on cases that directly implicate his wife isn't just ridiculous – it's a dangerous abuse of power. We must hold him accountable.

Sign the petition and tell Congress: Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas Now!


Posted on July 17, 2022.

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